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At Setchi Design we try and keep things simple, stay true to ourselves and the materials we use. We believe in using natural products and materials combined with traditional craftsmanship to create unique and practical pieces that make for individuality. Our recycled timber comes from places that no longer have a use for it or it has out stayed its welcome. By practicing this we can do our part to keep the old growth standing and reuse the resources society have already acquired. Our reclaimed wood comes from fallen and or discarded trees that on any other day would become fire wood or chips. It is seasoned then hand selected and carefully crafted into beautiful pieces. We then personally package and send each item with love to your home where it can continue to serve and please, for the purpose it was made, often telling the story it has already lived.

When you purchase a product from SETCHI DESIGN you are supporting local designers, suppliers and makers that have a belief that we can all help to make a more sustainable future.



At Setchi Design we look at the longevity and life cycle of our products, trying our best to achieve a sustainable approach financially, spiritually and environmentally. From as early on as the design process, we look at and select the materials needed. These are chosen with a reason as to why and consideration of how they are harvested as 'our' raw materials. Waste is reduced by in-house up cycling with all possible offcuts being utilised to produce other products, even down to our sawdust which is passed on for use in meat smokers and used as garden mulch. These things, along with the process are considered and if any issues are identified they are resolved with integrity. This extends to storage, packaging and transport which we try to minimise, always looking at the effect this has on the customer, environment and our business. Once considered, a plan is put in place to create the best product possible.


The simplest thing any individual can do to reduce their footprint is to buy less so durability of all our products is a priority.



Our aim is to produce products that last!

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