A Passion for Unique Detail

When Gavin and Sharron decided to combine their passions and turn them into a business 'SETCHI DESIGN' was born. Sharron's passion for the environment and all things within the universe plus Gavin's passion for detailed design and to create, along with their mutual passions for family, the community, nature and sustainability produced the perfect recipe for them to do what they love with a purpose.

What began with Gavin drawing on his skills developed through a lifetime of experience in the building industry as a carpenter and designer - simply making things out of scrap for family and friends coupled with Sharron's experience in fashion, homewares and customer service, together with their passions, has grown into a full-time company specialising in custom handcrafted goods, bespoke and custom furniture. It has provided them with balance while maintaining an appreciation for hard work and the dream of allowing a future business and lifestyle for their children while giving opportunities to the less fortunate that surround us all in the way of education and guidance.

"Artisan isn’t just the execution and production of new pieces, it’s also making sure each piece will look beautiful and function wherever it’s displayed and used."

Inspired by other Australian designers, architects, makers and idealists also working towards a balanced lifestyle and sustainable future Setchi Design will continue to grow and produce pieces that will continue to reflect this.

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