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This hand crafted Camphor Laurel platter / bowl is carved from a solid log round and is one of the first pieces of our new 'ISO AGE' collection. It's very unique and one of a kind. Having a carved textured pattern to the outside making it a really interesting piece with an almost tribal look. the exteeior has been treated using an ancient Japanese technique call 'SHOU SUGI BAN'  or CHARRED TIMBER then rubbed lightly back and sealed with Linseed Oil. The black exterior set against the stunning grain of the interior really set this bowl aside. The interior has been finished to a high standard using  Linseed Oil and then buffed with bees wax. It would make a beautiful decorative centre piece on a table or could be used for serving and would make a great large a fruit bowl.


This one will be hard to see go as it is definately loved here. 


For more information on our 'ISO AGE' Collection check out our Blog page where you can read about the inspiration behind the collection.


  • Dimensions

    50.1cm in diameter at it's widest point and 9cm tall at the highest side.

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