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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

For our ‘ISO AGE’ collection Setchi Design was looking for something special and unique, something outside our usual skill set but something that complimented what we do.

So when I came across a post from Polly Boyer in the Green Woodworking Australia Facebook group it came to me that this was exactly what we were looking for.

His beautiful hand carved pieces captures the philosophy of this collection and Setchi Design perfectly.

Paul is a Greenwood Carver from a remote town on the NSW South Coast. The ideal location for someone of his creative mind and nature.

"I've always had busy hands and a love of working wood".

Paul's years of experience, knowledge and the love for his craft can be seen in every piece. They are all crafted from a single piece of wood carved and shaped using nothing more than an axe, a couple of carving knifes and his hands.

An understanding of wood properties in general and specifically grain direction is a must when carving, if not taken notice of a structurally weak piece will only fail with time. It is clear from Paul's work that he takes full advantage of his knoweledge of this and uses it to display the colours and figure in the woods grain.

Spoon carving traditions mainly originate from Roman, Celtic and Scandinavian cultures and Paul a true traditionalist practicing the craft as they would have centuries ago.

Paul finishes each piece with a natural oil, straight off the carver’s knife (no sanding) showing off each and every deliberate cut made to define its shape. There is a beauty in the rawness and rustic touch of something hand carved and a simple spoon can be seen as a three dimensional sculpture that should not only look good but also perform as it was intended.

The Japanese have a word for this - “Wabi-sabi”.... Imperfect beauty.

Paul’s pieces and others are now available in our store. If you would like to know more about the phylosiphy and inspiration behind our “ISO AGE’ collection check out our earlier Blog.

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